June 28, 2015

Product Naming

The name of your product or brand is just as important as the product itself. At Brick we have named over 50 successful consumer products in the outdoor and bicycle industry. These products have gone on to sell thousands of units and numerous awards.

Need a name for your product? Great! We can help and it will only cost your brand $1,000!

Product Naming Bootcamp

Our team of consumers, marketers and sales reps take a deep dive into your brand, competition, products and and features of the product to be named.

After a few hours reviewing your current naming convention (if your brand has one) along with how your competitors name their products we chose the attributes that make your product different than the competition.

Then comes the Brick Brain-dump. Names that evoke emotions, are descriptive of the product, are humorous or are unique are all thrown onto a wall. From this list of hundreds of names they are whittled down to three to five of which we present to you.

We have found this formal to be very successful in creating lasting names that resonate with your consumers.